For any essential service or repair work that we respond to we want you to know that the safety of our team and our customers is #1 priority for us. We have instituted the following safety procedures:

  • BODY TEMPERATURE:  Prior to departing home, our team members will self-assess their health.  If any of our technicians are experiencing nausea, cramping, headaches, difficultly breathing, coughing or a fever they will not report to work and will self-quarantine with their families for 14 days.
  • RECORD OF SELF CHECK:  After our team member completes their self-check, they will e-mail our office to record it by stating I, (team members name), feel well and I am not displaying any signs of COVID-19.  My body temperature is (fill in the number) degrees Fahrenheit.  NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS PROCEDURE.
  • WORK VEHICLES:  All work vehicles will return to our warehouse at the end of the work day until the COVID-19 state of emergency has been lifted.  Every work vehicle that goes out will be fogged with disinfectant and sit overnight before being allowed back into service.
  • TRAVELING TO/FROM JOBSITE:  One technician per vehicle at all times.  We will not charge you for multiple vehicles taken to the job site.
  • GLOVES:  Our team will use a fresh set of NITRILE or WORK gloves prior to each customer visit.
  • FACE MASKS: We have a limited amount of face masks as we have donated all our extras to our local hospital. The CDC recommends that we wear face masks when working, and our team members will wear one while working at your location. 
  • JOBSITE SAFETY PROTOCOL:  Our team is on the front line.  When they arrive at your location they will assess the situation.  If they notice people coughing, sneezing, with runny noses, displaying other COVID-19 symptoms or not maintaining proper social distancing they will not enter the location.  We may reschedule your service appointment at no charge depending on the circumstances.