A well-sealed home in Keene, NH and surrounding areas is essential to comfort and budget. However, a tight thermal envelope can cause issues with insufficient ventilation. An Energy Recovery Ventilator is a cost-effective and efficient means of improving indoor air quality, while also reducing needless energy waste. Call on K. E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, LLC at 603-563-8305 for knowledgeable recommendations and installation done properly.

Energy Recovery Ventilator Services

Energy Recovery Ventilators provide a whole-house option for pulling fresh, clean air in from outdoors, while expelling stale air from inside the home. This type of ventilation system utilizes a significant portion of the energy from the outgoing air to benefit the incoming air. During the winter months, the ERV heats incoming air. During the warmer weather, it cools incoming air. This transfer of energy lessens the workload of HVAC equipment, while improving comfort.

As a second generation family company, K. E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, LLC is prepared for any size or style of home. We’re happy to provide further information, professional advice, and match your needs to the ideal ventilation system. Our EPA certified, Natural/LP gas licensed, highly trained, and experienced technicians obtain permits for all work and uphold unmatched standards of quality across Keene, Swanzey, Chesterfield, Walpole, Peterborough NH and Southern Vermont.

Some benefits of an Energy Recovery Ventilator include:

  • Superior Indoor Air Quality – A continuous supply of fresh outdoor air replaces stale air and removes harmful airborne particulates and contaminants.
  • Greater Humidity Control – By transferring moisture either to or from incoming air, humidity levels are improved during both winter and summer.
  • Cost Savings – Recycling energy minimizes waste, lessens stress on HVAC equipment, and trims monthly costs.