K. E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, LLC protects the operation of your home or commercial property with a specialized monitoring system from Alert Labs. Installation is quick, non-invasive, and easily completed during a routine service call. Take advantage of the many proactive opportunities provided by the Sentree A/C monitoring system, Sumpie sump pump sensor, and the Floodie & Flowie water flood and flow sensor. You’ll save time and money, avoid inconvenience and damage, and have real-time access to essential systems from virtually anywhere.

Call us to learn more about the specialized monitoring systems available to you!

Give us a call at 603-563-8305 for further information and flexible scheduling. Our new digital dispatch software ensures prompt and timely arrival. We encourage you to install the Sentree monitoring system during preventative maintenance service, and start enjoying real time surveillance and tracking. The Sentree, Sumpie, and Floodie & Flowie use a cellular connection to transmit data and analytics to your dashboard and mobile app. Instant alerts and 24-hour monitoring add up to fewer repairs, superior energy efficiency, and significant cost savings.

Consider an effective sensor system for your home or business at the minimal cost of $300 for our existing customers or $450 for installation, including first year’s monitoring, for new clients.


Sump Pump Sensor

Measures water levels and monitors performance to help you avoid home flooding, and will alert you when maintenance is necessary.

Floodie & Flowie

Water Flood & Flow Sensor

The Floodie detects leaks and floods early, so you can protect your home or commercial property against extensive water damage, while the Flowie works on monitoring water flow 24/7.


A/C Monitoring System

Analyzes air conditioner performance and alerts you to any issues, so you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Sentree A/C Monitoring System

Product Image for Sentree AC Monitoring System by Alert LabsThe Sentree A/C Monitoring System helps us to keep your cooling system running efficiently. We have access to real-time data about temperature, current, and pressure, which helps us respond more quickly in the event of a concern. Sentree uses a cellular connection to connect to the Alert Labs Dashboard, so your WiFi network is not required. The platform offers secure access to assigned users, allowing our team to share your property information with family, building supervisors, or property managers, as needed. You see that your air conditioner is online and operating properly, and our team makes sure that concerns are looked after before they turn into bigger problems. You also benefit from cost-savings and proactive maintenance programs. When your system runs efficiently, it lasts longer and lowers your electric bill.

Sumpie Sump Pump Sensor

Product Image for Sumpie Sump Pump Sensor by Alert LabsThe Sumpie sump pump sensor is far more than a standard alarm. This predictive sensor monitors water levels in real-time and tracks performance to safeguard against flooding. Ideal for residential and commercial properties, the unit provides alerts when water levels rise, working to avoid water damage, loss of property, and safety and health risks. Installed in approximately two minutes, the professional-grade sensor is cellular-based and connects directly to the dashboard on your phone and computer, to offer essential information to all users for each property. You’ll receive a notification in advance in case the pit fills above an acceptable level or the pump isn’t performing efficiently, promoting swift and effective resolution.

Flowie Water Flow Sensor

Product Image for Flowie Water Flow Sensor by Alert LabsThe Flowie water flow sensor makes it simple to avoid needlessly high water bills, water waste, costly repairs, and water damage. Effective for both residential and commercial application, installation is quick and non-disruptive. The Flowie sensors keep track of water flow minute-by-minute, and provides alerts and analytics concerning water use to your phone and computer. The Flowie actually learns regular water use patterns, monitors usage 24/7, and works to combat damage and reduce monthly bills. The system does not require WiFi, keeps functioning during power outages, and connects through a cellular network to supply data to the dashboard and mobile app. This advanced detection system catches leaks and flooding even if you don’t hear or see water.

Floodie Flood Sensor

Product Image for Floodie Flood Sensor by Alert LabsFloodie is a multi-purpose water leak detector that helps to prevent damage from temperature changes and sends alerts to your phone before issues become bigger problems. Floodie is portable, can be placed horizontally or vertically, and is designed to minimize false alarms.

Product Image for Floodie Flood Sensor by Alert LabsSuitable for residential and commercial properties, Floodie is placed in areas at risk for leaks and floods, like near refrigerators, sinks, toilets, and water heaters. It sends alerts within seconds of detecting water and temperature changes, even in a power outage. Floodie is waterproof, reusable, and sends flood alarms only when the contacts detect water, not moisture or humidity. Floodie works with any Alert Labs cellular sensor (see above) up to 1,000 ft.