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At K.E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, we are always looking for new people to join our team! If you are interested in learning how you can take your career a step further by joining a company that has been employing the best possible team for over 30 years, take a look at our open positions.


Our company culture is second-to-none! A team-oriented atmosphere, including plenty of fun without sacrificing professionalism, is something we strive to achieve on a daily basis. Our team members are expected to treat each other like family. A positive attitude is paramount and will swiftly lead to productive trainings and career progression. We encourage employees of all levels to continue learning and developing!


Team members from all backgrounds are welcome at K.E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, as attitude and work ethic are considered the most important qualification for employment!

Diversity and inclusion are key for us. We found that offering an inclusive and diverse environment allows more perspectives to be integrated when brainstorming, problem solving and developing new ideas as a team, which benefits our employees and customers alike.

Each team member is equally encouraged to bring their voice and ideas to the table, which means we are moving forward with innovation and creativity all the time. Our positive work environment feeds itself as we grow and progress together as a team sharing a common goal. KEBMS’ “people” make this all possible and help us to stand out from our competitors in more ways than one.


Our comprehensive benefit package includes generous paid time off, medical, profit-sharing, and exceptional 401k matching. Our benefit package is meant to be a REAL benefit, which means that employee contribution to health insurance is kept minimal and affordable.
• Our team members are among the highest paid technicians in the area. You’ll have unlimited earning potential
• Company supplied, safe and climate-controlled van
• Medical Insurance — we pay 100% for you and your family
• Comprehensive technology tools, including iPhone, iPad & access to
integrated software
• State of the art tools, parts, and supplies
• Company profit-sharing plan
• A family. This is last on the list because it’s most important. We care about our team and expect you to bring that same care when you join. We do a lot more than just work together. You’ll come to love our company and you’ll build life-long friendships.

Looking for a change? Come on over to K.E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems where you’ll meet a group of great new friends! See what our employees have to say about being part of our crew.

Please send your resume to, or email her with any questions regarding employment at KEBMS.

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