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K. E. Bergeron Mechanical Systems, LLC

The Monadnock Regions Progressive HVAC Contractor Pioneering/Incorporating the use of the following technologies:

  • ZOOMLOCK Refrigerant Fittings for solderless refrigerant piping joints (2015).
  • MEGA PRESS Gas Piping Fittings for gas piping joints (2015).
  • Mitsubishi HYPER HEAT heat pump technology (2013).
  • DAIKIN ALTHERMA technology (one of first 200 systems installed in U.S. in 2008).
  • ALWAYS triple evacuate all Refrigerant Systems.
  • ALWAYS calculate and record superheat on all new refrigerant system installations.
  • ALWAYS utilize VIRGIN refrigerant…never re-use refrigerant or use reclaimed refrigerant.

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